Australian people are crazy about casinos

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There have always been people who are most exposed to gambling, as well as those who are more loyal to gambling. Recently, a global study was organized on this issue, which was aimed at studying the level of gaming in various countries. According to the results, it was found that the most played and spent on gambling are Australians. Thus, they are recognized as the most reckless people on our planet.

It is worth noting that this study covered only online gambling. The researchers noted that Australians spend on a virtual casino a considerable amount of time that could be spent more efficiently in other areas of life. Although the inhabitants of Australia took first place in the world by gambling, still nobody can believe it, even the Australians themselves.

The fact is that until this year such studies were also conducted, and Australia did not claim to be a leader, on the contrary, it had rather low indicators. The increase in the number of gambling people is explained by the fact that the authorities legalized the gambling business, and now there are no restrictions either for users or for the creators of such casino sites with bonuses.

For all the years since the first virtual games appeared in Australia, they were not banned, but the Australians began to take part later than in many European countries. The authorities’ mistake is that they were not interested in the popularity of virtual gambling, and therefore did not control the process of such dynamic growth of users.

At the moment, online casinos continue to lure their customers with various casino bonuses, promotions and advertising, offering “the most favorable conditions.” In order to be able to compare how much money one resident of a country spends on gambling, the number of expenses per person was derived in the course of world research. Thus, according to the data one resident of Australia spends about 1288 US dollars for a variety of virtual gambling. This amount of money is huge, therefore Australian authorities started trying to deal with it.

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